Friday, April 4, 2008

First Post

I signed up for this blog well over a year ago, and I still haven't made a post. Until now. Hopefully I'll make up for my laziness over the next several months. My goal for the summer is to send out a solid 500 TTM requests, a number that I haven't even approached for probably 6 or 7 years now. The semi-real world of college and work is a truly a bitch. I'm also going for a 75% success rate, perhaps a bit of a stretch, but with the internet as my guide, I should be able to filter out most non-signers. I'll be chronicling my successes here as they come in but all scans will be on my site,, so check them out there. But for now, back to SNY's Mets classics, what a great game. Does anyone else find it hard to remember when Mike Hampton was consistently healthy?

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